Getting Started

Welcome to the InvestOS portfolio engineering and backtesting framework!

InvestOS is an opinionated framework for constructing and backtesting portfolios in a consistent, albeit flexible way. We built it to make institutional-grade backtesting and portfolio optimization simple, extensible, and open-source.

This guide covers getting up and running with InvestOS.

Let's jump in!


To run InvestOS you'll need:

Although not required, running InvestOS might be easier if you have:

  • Poetry, a package and dependency manager
  • Familiarity with pandas
    • The popular Python data analysis package (originally) released by AQR Capital Management


If you're using pip:

$ pip install investos

If you're using poetry:

$ poetry add investos

Importing InvestOS

At the top of your python file or .ipynb, add:

import investos as inv

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Congratulations on setting up InvestOS!

Let's move on to our next guide: How InvestOS Works.